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We're emotional creatures: We laugh, we cry, we get all misty at fabric softener commercials. And sometimes, our eye makeup has a tendency to take the dramatic journey with us, starting on our lids and ending up, well, where it shouldn't be.

So we were thrilled to discover Benefit's Stay Don't Stray 360° Primer ($24), an anti-budge product that actually does what it's supposed to do: keep eye shadow and concealer in place.

The "360°" refers to the area around your eyes where you use it--dot on the lids and under-eyes, then blend as you would an ordinary color corrector. Wait two minutes for it to set before applying your concealer, liner and shadow. (A word of warning: Be gentle with that pump, or too much primer will come out.)

We test-drove the product for a full (and emotionally wrenching) day at the PureWow office, and were pleased see our makeup looked impeccable when we got home that evening. No icky eyelid creases. No raccoon-ish circles.

Plus, we've just learned of Sephora's new, exclusive "Ready... Set... STAY" Eye Trio ($26), which includes the 360° Primer along with small tubs of Benefit's Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner and camouflaging Erase Paste concealer.

Excuse us while we weep with joy.

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