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With the 2012 election cycle kicking into high gear, figuring out where hopefuls stand on government spending and which debates to watch is tougher than keeping track of Newt Gingrich's wives.

Streamline your political information with Google Politics and Elections. The portal site--which launched on the heels of the Iowa caucuses--lets citizens filter election-related content by issue, candidate and color-coded maps displaying voting stats and poll results throughout their states.

A Trends section tracks candidates' performances relative to their opponents via search volume, media mentions and YouTube video views, while the On the Ground tab provides geographic-specific info: Click on Taft, Florida, for example, to watch videos of a local Mitt Romney campaign event and read opinions on President Obama in the city paper.

Stay on top of breaking news with a dedicated YouTube hub that highlights the day's top five political videos and this election calendar that monitors candidates' whereabouts and important events. Google+ users who add the group to their Circles can follow news by subject and candidate as it develops.

You'll be ready to rock the vote come November.

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