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If you've ever been the recipient of a Valentine's gift gone wrong ("Oh my, what a large box of chocolates that teddy bear is holding"), then you know that sometimes it's okay to give a little guidance to your well-intentioned bloke.

Here to help with such a tricky endeavor is arbiter-of-tact Tiffany & Co., which has just introduced a more subtle way of telling your man what you really want.

To point him in the right direction--say, toward that darling Frank Gehry heart pendant ($225)--simply find the item on the Tiffany website and click the new "Drop a Hint" widget (located on the right side of the screen). After you enter your dearest's email address, the site will send him a gentle note along the lines of: "A little bird told us that this would be a smashing success with [your name here]."

It's not as gauche as forwarding him the link yourself, but it gets the point across.

As for what we'll be encouraging our loved ones to buy us, we have to say we're still huge fans of the Elsa Peretti collection. This delicate pearl necklace ($1,095) and bold red lacquer bangle ($425) both make our Valentine's wish list.

Hint, hint.

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