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Roadside Assistance Right on Your Phone
They're gonna need a tow truck.

AAA roadside assistance has gotten us out of many pickles: the time we locked the keys in the trunk… the time we ran out of gas on the freeway… the time we hit that hearse… (What? We’re excellent drivers.)

But it never seemed fair that we had to buy a membership plan in order to reap the benefits.

That’s why we’re so excited about Honk.

Honk is a new app for on-demand roadside assistance--no membership required. All you have to do is open Honk, say what you need (a jump start, tire change, tow, etc.) and they’ll hook you up with help.

Honk partners with local mechanics and towing companies across the country and promises service in less than 30 minutes. (God bless ’em, but we once waited for AAA for four hours. No joke.)

With Honk, you’ll get an in-app quote before booking a service, and payments typically start around $50. (We got a $75 quote for a lockout and $100 for a tow.)

The best part? The app uses GPS to pinpoint your exact location, so you never have to explain to Mo from A&D Motors that you’re somewhere between exits 22 and 30 on I-84.

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