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Four-eyes rejoice: A recent study shows that the bespectacled are more likely to get hired than their 20/20 (or contact-sporting) brethren.

Whether you're looking for a new job or not, perhaps it's time to ditch the saline solution and pop on one of these on-trend and sophisticated looks:

Round and Wire Though you may remember the first time they were in style, the classic John Lennon (or Diane Keaton or Andy Warhol) frames are back. This smart pair from iconic New York brand Moscot ($425) is thin enough to feel modern and, perhaps surprisingly, flatters rounder faces.

Loud and Clear No longer just for aspiring architects and film students, clear frames have gone both feminine and adult. Take this clever meeting of the minds ($325) from J.Crew and Selima Optique: The slightly rounded shape softens the plastic's severity, drawing attention to your lovely peepers.

Wooden You Know As designers of all products go eco-friendly, it only makes sense that eyewear would follow suit. Wooden and bamboo glasses are everywhere this winter, and while it seems you can find them in styles ranging from uber-hip to uber-weird, we like Takemoto's angular and bookish approach ($80).

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