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Left-handed tools
Left-handed turner, pens and pruner

From bumping arms at the dinner table to learning stick shift, it's hard out there for a lefty. Luckily, we've tracked down the best little-known products specifically designed to improve the lives of southpaws. After all, who says it's good being right all the time?

For the kitchen Sure, you can teach yourself to make do with right-handed tools and cutlery, but should you have to? We love Shun's line of left-handed knives ($80 and up), which are ideal for both comfort and utility. Likewise, a left-handed vegetable peeler ($25) and a flexible slotted turner ($15) make everyday tasks just a tad easier.

For the garden Prove that green thumbs come on either hand: Felco's F9 pruners ($58), Sneeboer's plotting trowel ($48) and Clean Air Gardening's Cape Cod weeder ($30) are ergonomically designed for lefties and hence way more comfortable than standard right-handed versions you'd pick up at the hardware store.

For the office Don't let a childhood of trying to operate left-handed scissors get you down. Today's office supplies--from pens ($6) to mice ($90) to notebooks ($11)--are far more functional. Bring in a little style with an old-fashioned, left-handed writing desk ($1,000).

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