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If the last up-and-coming artist you supported was your tap-dancing niece, maybe it's time to revamp your patronage strategy.

Our new favorite outlet for aspiring Rockefellers (of all financial means) is USAProjects, a just-launched website where promising and established artists share their work and solicit support.

Much like the micro-philanthropy network (but with an arts-industry bent), USAProjects lets creators of all types--dance, theater, visual, etc.--post proposed work along with their fundraising goals.

This young glass sculptor, for instance, is seeking $3,000 to fund her first solo show which is inspired by gorgeous satellite imagery. While you can contribute as little as $1, donors at even slightly higher levels get exclusive perks, like sketches, hand-painted glass tiles and full-size blown-glass sculptures.

Well-known artists can request funding too, like award-winning choreographer Trey McIntyre who is raising money for a collaboration with the New Orleans Preservation Jazz Orchestra.

And since the esteemed USA organization endorses everything on website, you know your money will go to good use.

Along with the undeniable fun of wandering the site, we love feeling like we can have a stake in art we care about.

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