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It's hard enough to stay abreast of today's current events, but tomorrow's? Forget about it.

Not so, says the new website Zapaday, a free global calendar that seeks to keep you up-to-date on world and local happenings.

Essentially one large, Wikipedia-like calendar, Zapaday relies on its own editors, auto-bots and users to troll news sources for forthcoming elections, holidays, court decisions, summits, sports events, movie releases, etc., which are then organized by both topic and location for easy browsing and consumption. Without it, for instance, we might not have known that the price of stamps was about to go up.

You can look at an upcoming day comprehensively, search by categories like "culture" and "business" or subscribe to have any particular calendar (say, New Products and Things) feed directly to your personal Google or Outlook calendar.

Plus, while the service doesn't require a login, those who choose to register can customize the homepage to reflect their interests and location and submit their own events for inclusion.

Particularly as the 2012 election draws closer, we love the idea of knowing about political happenings--like tomorrow night's State of the Union address or Thursday's Republican debate--before they sneak up on us.

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