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We'll admit that the term "gourmet popcorn" initially brought to mind giant trashcans filled with caramel clumps. But now that we've tried Kristy and Coulter Lewis' microwavable Quinn Popcorn (named after their baby son), we're willing to rethink the whole gourmet kernel kingdom.

The duo--who funded their salty dreams via a Kickstarter campaign--initially got the idea by noticing the dearth of healthy, environmentally responsible microwavable popcorn on the market. Even the "natural" brands were made with trans fats and artificial flavors and packed in Teflon-patched bags.

Alternately, Quinn Popcorn ($15 for 6 bags) uses organic, non-GMO ingredients and comes in compostable bags. You mix in the oil (expeller-pressed rather than hydrogenated) and seasoning post popping, so there's no need for the plastic grease-proofing found in other companies' non-recyclable packaging.

But what of the taste? Quinn currently offers three decidedly adult flavors--zesty-fresh lemon and sea salt, slightly sweet Vermont maple and (our favorite) not-too-cheesy Parmesan and rosemary--all of which go way beyond your typical butter or kettle corn fare.

In other words: We've found the official snack food of awards season.

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