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Have you recently signed up for an awesome new web app (like Pinterest or TaskRabbit)? Were you prompted to do so using your Facebook or Twitter accounts?

Like us, you probably said "OK" and went about your business. Also like us, you probably promptly forgot that you had granted said app permission to view your profile.

MyPermissions is a new, free website that makes it super-easy to see all the places that monitor your web activity and revoke access for unnecessary or invasive ones.

To get started, click on the icons for any service for which you have an account; so far the list includes Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Instagram and Flickr. This will take you straight to the often hard-to-find page where your permissions are managed. Our Facebook search, for instance, revealed an astounding 31 services that were linked to our profile. Some, like Yelp, we were happy to have know our details (better restaurant recommendations!). But others were games we never played and irrelevant apps that had no business keeping tabs on us.

Luckily, MyPermissions also makes it easy to de-authorize these services with a single click. You can even sign up for regular reminders to check and purge.

Consider it the easiest cleaning you'll do all month.

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