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While it's been a year since Haiti's devastating earthquake, the effects are still severe: Hundreds of thousands are still homeless, a cholera epidemic looms and the nation remains the poorest in the Western Hemisphere. Which is why it's just as important as ever to stay involved and informed.

Jumo, a new social network (created by a Facebook co-founder) helps you do just this by connecting you with the causes you care about.

Like Facebook, you have to sign up to explore, but rather than "friending" people, you choose issues (Women's Rights, HIV/AIDS, etc.) or organizations (The Center for American Progress, Habitat for Humanity) to follow. Then when you log in, you'll instantly see your various causes' latest news, information, and ways to give.

Our interest in Haiti, for instance, led us to follow three terrific relief organizations--The Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (legal help from a human rights perspective), Partners in Health (healthcare and social justice) and Fonkoze (micro-finance)--all of whom post easily digestible news updates as well as donation and volunteer opportunities on their Jumo walls.

It's a great way to take time in your busy day to engage on a global level.

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