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If you're having a love affair with your new e-reader but miss the benefits of lending and borrowing actual books, we've got good news: It's now easy (and legal!) to share e-books.

For starters, your local library is probably more hi-tech than you realize. Thanks to a program called OverDrive, thousands of libraries across the country now let you check out e-books for use on a wide array of readers and devices. Plus you don't have to worry about late fees; once the lending period expires, the title is no longer accessible.

For those of us who like to share our own books with friends,'s recent announcement that Kindle owners can lend select titles for up to 14 days (and to non-Kindle users too) was nothing short of buzzworthy. As with a hard copy, you won't have access to your book during this time, but at least your dear copy of Persuasion won't come back dog-eared.

And electronic book sharing meets social networking in new online marketplace E-book Exchange. Users list their e-books they're willing to lend (Kindle, Nook, PC, Android and Apple devices are all supported) and interested parties bid (usually about $2) to borrow, with all money going towards children's literacy charities.

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