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You already use Netflix for unlimited DVD rentals, Spotify for unlimited music and your gym membership for unlimited elliptical-machine use, so why are you still paying on a film-by-film basis to go to the movie theater? Or so asks MoviePass, a new flat-fee subscription service that allows members all-you-can-watch access to local cinemas.

Upon requesting an invitation--we got ours right away--and signing up ($30 a month), you can begin by browsing participating local theaters for available films and showtimes. Once you pick the movie you want to see (you're limited to one per day), MoviePass will email you a voucher, which you print out and bring with you as a paper ticket. Simple, right?

Because MoviePass is still in beta, some parts of the country have more theater options than others, so we suggest browsing your zip code before signing up, just to make sure there's enough variety to make it worth your while.

That said, it's definitely worth ours. We counted 17 participating cinemas--including a few indie theaters--near us. And since we already go to the movies about once a week, the $30 monthly price tag means we're saving money.

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