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We had to give ourselves a pat on the back for spending New Year's Day cleaning out our closets and finally packing up the sweaters that have been in our dresser since the '80s.

For those duds worth holding onto, we were fortunate to get our hands on Roux Maison, a new line of fabric-specific laundry detergents ($15 each). The bottles come in four gentle formulas tailored to everyday garments, delicates, workout clothes and swimwear.

We tested the sweet-smelling ambrosia Delicate detergent on some quick-to-fray lingerie and couldn't find a thread out of place, and the Sport detergent expunged the stains on our yoga pants without compromising their elasticity. Our hands-down favorite, though, is the citrusy Essential sweet tea, which cleans everything from dresses to dish towels--plus, it smells like the beach.

Each highly concentrated 16-ounce bottle is good for about 40 washes and is devoid of sulfates and formaldehyde that can irritate sensitive skin. For unexpected spills, we keep the indispensable fragrance-free stain remover ($9) in our purse: Recently, it erased some red wine that accidentally trickled onto a beloved silk blouse.

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