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Scenario: Post tech-proficiency New Year's resolution, you have somehow hidden all your toolbars and you don't know how to find them.

Solution #1: A confusing phone tutorial with your genius nephew wherein you both call each other nasty names.

Solution #2: A pleasant session with your genius nephew wherein he can actually see your computer screen and show you exactly what to do to fix the problem.

Indeed, is an intuitive, free Web tool that allows you to broadcast your screen to anybody with an Internet connection. You can allow others temporary control over your computer or have them watch as you navigate on your own.

The way it works is simple: Share your screen (or see somebody else's) by emailing your log-in number--which you'll get upon downloading the app--to your intended helper. Once he signs in, you can grant him the ability to operate your computer remotely (you'll see everything he's doing), send and receive files, talk or chat via Web phone and invite other participants to join the session--which is useful for collaborative projects or staff trainings.

Just remember not to do anything weird while others have access to your screen. Otherwise everyone will know the truth about your eBay habits.

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