3 Pilates Moves to Do in Your Car

Shannon Nadj, owner of the L.A.-based studio Hot Pilates, doesn’t let being stuck behind the wheel stop her from getting a workout. She performs modified core-strengthening exercises and stretches while en route. Here are her top three.

Seated Scoop Stretch your spine tall (imagine pulling your belly button in toward your lower back), and anchor your lower back to the lumbar support of the seat. Start by holding this pose for counts of ten, then relaxing, until you automatically assume this as your natural driving position.

Steering Wheel as Magic Circle Pretend your steering wheel is a piece of Pilates equipment. Place your hands at 9 and 3, and lift your elbows slightly up (this engages your lats). Be sure to put your shoulders back and elongate the neck, too. Hold this placement for counts of ten. Eventually, the posture will become natural when you drive.

Hip to Be Square Sit in your car, with your weight equally resting on your right and left buttocks. Make sure your shoulders are squared off over your hips at each stoplight.

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