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As temperatures plummet, the urge to hibernate can be difficult to fight. Unfortunately, your toasty abode can harbor elements way more menacing than wind chill; the EPA estimates that the air inside our homes is two-to-five times more polluted than the outdoors.

Enter ANDREA, an air-purification system that improves upon Mother Nature's original filter: plants.

The brainchild of designer Mathieu Lehanneur and Harvard professor David Edwards, the ANDREA ($199) turns your favorite houseplant into a swift and efficient air-cleaning machine.

Plant your choice of fauna in the sleek base and behold as a quiet fan draws in dirty air--allowing the plant to absorb and metabolize toxins at warp speed--then blows clean air out through the water and soil filtration and back into your house.

Capable of filtering considerably more formaldehyde than other air-purifiers, ANDREA is far more effective than your standard HEPA model when it comes to producing clean, oxygenated air.

It also beats its competition in the looks department. In fact, the clean and futuristic aesthetic earned it a spot in the New York Museum of Modern Art's "Design and the Elastic Mind" exhibition--prime real estate for a standard household item.

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