We’ll always love Facebook, home of our distant cousin’s ultrasound archive and persistent reminders to buy the suede booties languishing in our Zappos cart.

But what if there were a social network so clutter-free, it reminded us of Facebook in the good old days--but prettier?

Here are three reasons to get into Ello, a new network for creative types that’s rolling out features daily.

1. It won’t give you that uncanny feeling you’re being watched. Privacy is paramount: There are no ads, and no third parties have access to data about you.

2. It was created by a group of artists and designers. With its spare type and generous white space, it looks like a breath of fresh Internet air.

3. It helps to know someone. The site is a word-of-mouth, invite-only enterprise so far--but you can request an invitation to join on the home page. Ask nice!

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