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Sure, we sometimes rely on the Internet too much (why open a window when you can find out if it's iced-coffee weather online?). But for our most pressing tech conundrums, we'll still go straight to our browsers--especially when new sites like these make troubleshooting so foolproof:

Type a URL into Down for Everyone or Just Me and it'll tell you if that search engine or flash-sale site is really down or if the problem is strictly limited to your machine. The service doesn't tell you more than whose side's having issues, but hey, at least you'll know it's time to talk to your boss about those office firewalls.

Misplaced your iPhone again? When you're not near a landline and no one's around to dial your number, enter your digits into Where's My Cell Phone. The site will call your mobile until it's located and store your number on file--just in case the device (by no fault of your own, of course) goes missing once more.

We can't count the times we've called tech support, been asked for our IP address and answered with radio silence. Now tracking it down couldn't be easier thanks to What's My IP. Simply type the URL into your browser and your magic number will appear.

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