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Instant message with a therapist

So you’re still dealing with that frenemy breakup from last year (Will she ever return your tweed blazer?!), the stresses of your new job and--oh yeah--your entire dysfunctional childhood.

You should probably talk to someone about all that.

But if you don’t have the time (or money) for traditional therapy, there’s now an awesome alternative: Talkspace.

Talkspace is an online subscription service ($25 a week) that gives you unlimited access to a licensed professional therapist who’s thoroughly devoted to helping you work through your sh*t. The catch? You can only communicate back and forth through written messages on the site’s intuitive interface.

For some people, this can feel a lot like instant messenger--you’ll shoot your therapist a quick thought or problem and she’ll write back quickly to talk you off your ledge. Others, however, might prefer to draft longer, more email-like messages and establish a once-a-day correspondence. It’s up to you to define your communication style.

We tried it for a week and were pretty impressed with the thoughtfulness and intimacy. We got into our relationship anxieties and OCD tendencies, and felt really comfortable with our therapist right off the bat.

What’s that you say? We seem less neurotic already? Why, thanks--we hadn’t noticed!

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