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The IceDot sensor knows if you get into an accident
Safe travels.

Calling all avid cyclists (or wives/mothers/concerned neighbors of avid cyclists). You’d never hop onto that bike without a helmet--right?--but you know that even the most serious noggin protector won’t save you in the case of an extreme crash or accident.

That’s where ICEdot ($119) comes in.

Think of the palm-sized gizmo as a panic button for bikers. If all goes according to plan, you’ll never use it. But if you do end up in a life-threatening situation, it’ll alert your emergency contacts pronto.

The specifics: Clip the ICEdot onto the back of your helmet. Then go about your business. Using a gyroscope and accelerometer (it’s OK if you don’t know what those are), the ICEdot stays on high alert and monitors your activity for sudden changes in force or impact.

If it detects something dangerous (it knows the difference between simply falling off your bike and getting hit by a truck), it will sync with your smartphone and sound a loud, annoying alarm. If you don’t turn off this alarm quickly, the IceDot will text an alert message to your emergency contacts and local first responders, along with your current GPS coordinates.

Now you can pedal in peace.

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