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How and why to use Apple?s new Health app
Jawbone Up, meet MyFitnessPal.

You already know your new iPhone 6 has some pretty snazzy functions. But hey, what?s that little app with the heart on it? It?s called Health, and we?ve got the lowdown:

What is it? A digital hub that culls information from your fitness apps and puts all the data on one dashboard. Think your calorie-intake from MyFitnessPal, your steps from the Jawbone Up and your routines from 7 Minute Workout--all displayed on the same screen.

How does it work? Apple Health allows your apps to virtually ?talk? to one another. For instance: 7 Minute Workout can now access your logged steps from Jawbone to more accurately calculate your calories-burned. Pretty neat.

What apps does it work with? Visit the iTunes Store to see the full list.

Why should I use it? For folks who already use a slew of fitness apps, Health is great for providing a quick snapshot of your daily activity. (Note: It?s really difficult to enter data manually.) You can also use Health to set up emergency medical information (e.g., blood type, allergies) that?s displayed on your phone's lock screen, should you ever get into trouble.

Is there an Android equivalent? Yup, Google Fit.

What needs work? More apps and less confusing instructions, please. In other words, we?re eager for the next update.

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