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Ampy charges your phone as you move
Science is cool.

At this point, smartphones can do pretty much anything. (Buy your groceries, erase your exes, predict your thoughts.) So why, pray tell, can?t they stay charged?

Here to keep you up and running--quite literally--is Ampy, a new device that charges your smartphone with your own kinetic energy.

Wait... what?

Quick physics refresher: You know those flashlights you shake to turn on? Ampy works on the same principle, storing and repurposing energy generated by motion.

Just slip this little guy (it?s about half the size of an iPhone) into your pocket or bag, or around your arm, and get moving. The more energy you exert, the more juice you get. A 30-minute jog, for example, will score you three additional hours of battery life.

Once you?re finished jogging (or biking, walking or dancing), simply connect your phone to Ampy with a USB cord and it?ll start charging automatically.

Until November 10, you can preorder Ampy on Kickstarter at a discounted price ($85). The first batch is expected to ship in June 2015.

As for us lazier folks, the vibrations of driving a car are too subtle to activate Ampy, so it looks like we?re gonna have to lace up those sneakers after all.

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