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An app that shames you for your phone use
Right before she got hit by the bus.

How many times did you check your phone yesterday? Ten times? Forty times? A hundred and twenty-eight times?

Here to hold you accountable is Checky, a free new app that monitors the time you spend staring at your stupid phone.

Just download the app and allow it to run in the background of your phone, then go about your digital business. You can open it whenever you want to see how many times you’ve checked your phone on any given day (Checky also uses GPS to show you where those checks took place), and you’ll get a once-daily push notification about your previous day’s performance.

The results are...well...horrifying.

We downloaded the app last week and had a few good days (38 checks, 45 checks, 29 checks) followed by some truly atrocious behavior (78 checks! 106 checks!). And the GPS feature informed us that we’re most inclined to check from the comfort of our own home, meaning we’re never as unplugged as we think we are.

The upshot? It’ll teach you to be more mindful of your usage and maybe rely on your phone a teensy bit less.

So what to do with all of your newfound freedom? Checky is actually the companion product to the immensely popular, an app and website that offers free guided meditations.

Who knew synergy could be so Zen?

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