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While we'd never encourage internet over-sharing (nobody needs to know your cat's blood pressure), we love new technologies that make it easier than ever to share your world:

Photos: Services like Picasa and Flickr have simplified photo-swapping, but the new, free website Yogile goes further, letting users create albums for easy sharing with others (no login required) who can, in turn, upload more pics. For more immediate results, try Instagram, an iPhone app that instantly uploads photos to social networks.

Music: Got a new (or old) favorite song that needs sharing? Find it in Tinysong's comprehensive catalog and post the truncated link-to-listen on your Facebook or Twitter feed ? or email it to your friends. For a more portable way to sample tunes, The Bump app for iPhone and Android (which already swaps contact info between phones via a physical "bump") now offers music sharing, too.

Shopping: [Sponsored] For those who need the phone-a-friend option when shopping online, there's Rightcliq by Visa, which lets you save potential purchases found across the web in one place and quickly share them with your trusted voices of reason.

Relationships: And in the category of TMI-as-entertainment, we're curiously obsessed with CouplesSpark, a website where couples post real-time disputes for readers to weigh in on. It just might be the future of public spats...

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