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An app that pays you for your photos

Think that candid pic you took of your friend’s bulldog is good enough to grace the cover of Time? And remember the day you spotted Countess LuAnn at a gas station and totally snapped her mug? Somebody should pay you money for that.

Somebody will, if you sign up for Scoopshot.

Scoopshot is an app and crowdsourcing platform where big-time companies (USA Today, Heineken, News Corps Australia) can buy photos and videos from regular people (that would be you) for mutually agreed-upon prices.

All you have to do is download the app, then upload any relevant photos (it helps to check out the “tasks” section to see what clients are looking for) and set your price. Companies can then browse your portfolio and reach out about publishing individual pics. You’ll always be properly credited, and the money will go straight into your PayPal account.

The average photo goes for anywhere from $4 to $50, though one guy in Finland is rumored to have earned more than $20,000 just by snapping exterior shots of local stores.

Side business, anyone?

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