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The world's first
The future looks kind of adorable.

We all know robots will one day run our governments and fight our wars.

But when will they remind us to buy Windex and read us bedtime stories?

Meet Jibo ($599), an 11-inch-tall ?family robot? that looks like a mix between WALL-E and a humidifier.

Think of Jibo (currently available for preorder and set to ship in April 2016) as Siri with more physical capabilities and a nicer demeanor. Basically, he?s designed to sit on a table and do various voice-activated tasks. He can look up movie times and then buy your tickets. He can keep your calendar and remind you to call your brother. But he can also use facial recognition to know when to nudge you versus your husband. And he can even read stories to your kids and predict your daily desires. ?Shall I order Chinese takeout again, Cindy?? he might inquire.

If you think all of this sounds creepy, you?re not alone. We, too, are a little skeptical that Jibo will actually do all the things his developers have promised--and that we really need to rely on him for dramatic readings of Goodnight Moon.

Still, if you?ve long awaited the era of robot servants, this seems like a solid first step.

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