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5 things to do with the iPhone 6
You bought a new phone! You rule!

Congratulations. You waited in line for four hours, shelled out $300, agonized over silver versus gold...and now you’re the proud owner of a fancy-schmancy iPhone 6.

So, um, what now?

Here, five things to do with your new toy (some of which you can do with an older iPhone just by downloading iOS8):

Multitask your email Huzzah! Apple now allows you to work on multiple drafts while also continuing to check your email. Just swipe down on your message to go back to your inbox--and swipe up to return to your draft(s).

Download a different keyboard Always kind of hated the iPhone touch pad? You now have the ability to download a third-party keyboard. Our pick is Swype ($1), which makes for faster, flub-free (Hi, Moom) typing.

Send multiple photos at once A vast improvement over iOS7, the new iOS8 allows you to open your camera, see your 20 most recent pictures and text or email as many as you’d like--all at the same time.

Check your battery usage The iPhone now shows you which apps are sucking the most juice. Go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage, then find the culprit. (Damn you, Instagram.)

Find your phone, even if it’s dead Even if your phone does die (though it shouldn’t--see above), you can easily track it down using the new Send Last Location feature. Just make sure Find My Phone is turned on in your settings and, should your phone ever go missing, Apple will know its last location.

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