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Navdy's high-tech GPS
Looking pretty high-tech there, Ma.

OK, so we still think Google Glass looks pretty dorky, despite chic designer collabs. But turning our car windshield into one big computer screen? Now we’re listening.

Navdy ($299) is a new mini projector that mounts onto your dashboard and syncs wirelessly with your iPhone or Android for navigation, answering calls and viewing text messages. Powered by the same technology used to land planes, Navdy projects driving directions directly onto the glass, so you can always keep your eyes on the road.

The device is also great for hands-free communication. It can be activated with voice commands alone (hey, Siri) or even touchless gestures--meaning you can answer Mom's call with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. Simply choose which notifications you want to allow while driving (phone calls, texts from your husband) and which you want to disable (pesky work emails). You can even configure Navdy to give you messages only when the car is stopped.

As they say: Safety first, high-tech gadgetry second.

Available for preorder now; ships early in 2015.

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