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The camping tent that charges your devices
Recharging, Coachella-style.

Problem: You?re an MTV festival VJ and you?re always losing site of your tent when camping out at Coachella/Bonnaroo/ Burning Man. Also, your iPhone is pretty much perpetually dead.

Solution: You create a line of boldly patterned, easily spotted tents that use solar power to charge your devices. (Natch.)

OK, fine, this story is pretty specific to British television personality Rob Bertucci. But even so, we think his recently released Bang Bang Tents are pretty universally genius.

The four-person tents ($305) come in an array of vibrant prints--from psychedelic swirls to poppy jelly beans. They are also made from high-grade ripstop waterproof polyester and fold down to the size of a small duffel bag.

But here?s the cool part: Every Bang Bang also comes with an iPad-sized solar panel that slides into a secret side pocket in the tent and sucks energy straight from the sun. Once your panel is all juiced up, you can use the banked electricity to charge just about any low-voltage device (phone, speakers, laptop and the like) right from the comfort of your wilderness retreat.

Maybe it?s not exactly ?unplugged.? But it sure is better than spending a camping trip searching for an outlet.

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