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Sometimes we're suckers for great design. And always we're suckers for top-quality coffee. So it's natural that we'd fall for the Presso Manual Espresso Maker ($150), a genius new device from British design firm Therefore that marries caffeinated form and function.

Unlike your typical espresso machine with its timers and settings and frothy milk explosions, the Presso is refreshingly analog and uncomplicated.

The concept behind it couldn't be simpler ? hot water and pressure. Pack the portafilter with your favorite beans, add hot water and press down on the handles, much as you would a winged corkscrew, to fill your waiting cup with a single or double shot. This might sound like more upper-body work than you're used to first thing in the morning, but the result ? a quicker, richer and more flavorful brew than your standard espresso machine yields ? is worth the extra elbow grease.

We also like it from a conservation standpoint; In addition to using less energy than its electric brethren, the Presso is made from recyclable materials, plus tucks away and travels easily ? the perfect last-minute gift for the coffee geek who has everything.

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