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Humin is the address book with a brain and soul
Omigod, I have no idea what your name is!

Your cousin?s boyfriend. Your client in Tucson. That woman from your book group whose name you keep forgetting.

By this point in life, you?ve probably accumulated a lot of acquaintances. And managing those acquaintances is getting unwieldy.

Enter Humin, a new iPhone app (we know, we?re sorry Android-philes) that aggregates comprehensive info about everyone you know.

Here?s the deal: Once you create a free Humin account, you grant the app authority to pull data about your contacts from places like your email, address book and social media accounts. Humin then whips together a master entry for each and every person. So it might know from your LinkedIn profile that Jessie McFee works at Morgan Stanley and studied at Emory, and from your Gmail calendar that you met her last December and have a meeting with her this coming Tuesday. (And all this info is handily displayed on Jessie?s Humin profile page.)

The coolest part, though, is that when you meet new people, you can manually enter identifying data about them--stuff along the lines of ?met at Tina?s solstice party? or ?had the annoying witch cackle.? You can then search by those identifying features (?solstice,? ?cackle?) should you ever forget someone?s name.

You: one. Awkward moment: zero.

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