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How to love your gray hair
If Stacy can do it, we can too.

Despite what your colorist (or mother) might tell you, gray hair isn’t such a bad thing. Think about Emmylou Harris... or Stacy London... or heck, even Meryl. The problem with gray hair is the texture--which tends to be frizzy, wiry and dull. (That’s because gray hairs have thinner cuticles than pigmented ones, so they’re more prone to damage.)

We checked in with Sean Davis, hair-color magician and co-owner of the Tosler Davis salon in NYC, to get a few tips for embracing silver tresses while still looking polished.

Go short and styled The to-your-butt look is challenging to begin with, but it’s especially hard for gray heads, who tend to skew “crazy librarian” almost immediately. Instead, go for a short, chic ’do like a bob or pixie.

Condition more, shampoo less Gray hair is usually dry hair (hence the zigzaggy brittle situation you’re probably fighting). To make it shinier and sleeker, try conditioning without shampooing every other time you shower.

Get a formaldehyde-free keratin treatment It ain’t cheap, but Davis swears by this salon treatment ($350 to $750) that coats hair with a special serum to reduce frizz for up to six months at a time. 

Or go for low-lights Think of a low-light treatment (typically around $200) as a very subtle dye job. It returns hair to a just-starting-to-salt-and-pepper color, while also moisturizing and repairing damaged cuticles.

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