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Style your space with PureWow and HomeGoods
The recipe to a perfectly styled sofa is...

Well, the day has come. You’ve finally decided to redecorate your living room--new curtains and all. But where do you even begin? Let’s weigh the options:

1. Hire an interior decorator: Expert eye, but a steep payment plan.

2. Try the DIY approach: Within your budget, but a total time-suck. (Sewing your own pillow covers? Pass.)

3. Seek our (free) advice, then shop at HomeGoods: Ding, ding! We have a winner.

We’ve partnered with the affordable home fashions retailer to bring you a clever guide to styling your space on a budget. Taking you room by room, we’ll highlight potential pain points (say, a dining room that’s starkly uninviting) and give tips on how to make improvements (bold wallpaper can work wonders, ya know).

Still searching for more inspiration? HomeGoods has a trove of surprising tricks on its Design Happy blog. We never thought we’d be dying to organize our junk drawer.

So go ahead. Pick a room and take a trip to your nearest HomeGoods. Just remember to make some space in the trunk--your living room is calling for an ottoman.

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