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Remember when coconut water was something you drank on a tropical island out of, well, coconut shells? Now you can buy it in any grocery store in America, prompting us to wonder, Can it remain supreme forever and, if not, what’s next on the trendy water front?

Lots, it turns out! Here, three new waters following in the coconut’s lofty footsteps.

Maple Water Pure Canadian maple water comes straight from the tree--with absolutely nothing added. The taste is sweet (imagine super-diluted maple syrup) and the health benefits are plentiful. Maple water has half the sugar of coconut water and more manganese (great for your bones, skin and blood sugar control) than a cup of kale.

Cactus Water Also low in sugar and calories is cactus water, which is typically made from the nopal prickly pear of the Sonoran Desert. Rich in electrolytes, cactus water is undeniably hydrating and has long been used as a natural hangover cure. (Though it will never beat a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich as far as we’re concerned.)

Watermelon Water The stylishly packaged WtrMlnWtr is really just cold-pressed watermelon. That’s it. Seriously. Though it’s an excellent source of heart-healthy potassium and magnesium, the real reason to drink this guy is for the taste, which can basically be defined as “summer in a bottle.”

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