Fashion designers take on new technology
Don't mind me. Just being fabulous in my Google Glass.

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s now socially acceptable to walk around with a little activity monitor on your wrist, on your pant leg or, heck, even in your bra.

But for anybody who doesn’t love the look of a plastic doodad on her person, we’ve got good news: Fashion designers are getting in on the wearables game. Thank goodness we all don’t have to look like robots.

Tory Burch for Fitbit Worried your step/sleep tracker doesn’t match your preppy-urban lifestyle? Why not try Tory Burch’s new collaboration with Fitbit? The hinged metal bracelet ($195) looks just like any of her other high-end brass cuffs, but this one secretly houses a Fitbit Flex ($100). There’s also a Flex-encasing pendant necklace ($175) and printed silicone tracking bracelet ($38), all available for preorder now with shipping in early October.

DVF for Google Glass Diane von Furstenberg has come a long way from the wrap dresses of your youth. Her latest endeavor is a Google Glass collection, which we have to admit doesn’t look half bad. The five just-released spectacles ($1,800 each) are way less Star Trek than the icky Google version and all come with either clear or shaded frames. Along the same lines, we’re super-pumped to hear rumors of a Google Glass/Warby Parker collab in 2015. Hipster heaven, here we come.

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