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Some apps turn you into a competitive jerk (Words With Friends, whoa). And others seriously suck your soul (Candy Crush interventions are a real thing, people).

How about making some room for the good guys? Meet Elevate.

Elevate is a free app that’s designed to improve your cognitive skills (speaking, writing, reading and listening) through a series of weirdly addictive brain games.

To get started, download the app and pick the skills you’d like to improve. We chose to “articulate thoughts more clearly” and “improve writing abilities.” (Even an editor needs a little help sometimes.) Next, you’ll receive a personalized training program with three short challenges to complete per day.

For our first challenge, we were tasked with removing redundant words from a string of sentences (totally can totally suck it, it turns out). Then we tried a reading comprehension and vocabulary exercise that’s basically a shorter, quippier version of the SATs.

The more you play, the more Elevate learns your strengths and weaknesses, and adjusts accordingly. You’ll find yourself getting smarter--we mean more erudite--in no time.

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