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Mix-n-match glasses from Frameri
Today's meeting calls for tortoiseshell.

You don?t wear the same clothes every day (well, not when you?re leaving the house, at least). So why are you OK with sporting the same glasses?

Oh, you?re not? Good. Because Frameri isn?t either.

The new company has created a system of interchangeable eyewear that allows you to snap your prescription or tinted lenses in and out of various frames (like dress-up for adults). In other words, no more buying expensive spectacles every time your prescription changes... and no more monotony.

Here?s how it works: Visit the site and choose from three lens shapes: rectangular, round or angular. Try your hand at the Virtual Try-On if you?re unsure. Next, pick your frame (we went with the Blush Drebbel). Once you?ve got that down, you can request your Rx by entering your doctor?s contact information at checkout. Don?t have it handy? Ask that Frameri follow up with you at a later date.

Now comes the fun part: mixing and matching. Say you like the Drebbel but want it in prescription sunglass form. Just swap in new lenses. Or maybe you want to go for tortoiseshell. Pick up some new frames. (All standard lenses and frames ring in at $100 each, while progressive and custom lenses are $200.)

It?s nice having options, isn?t it?

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