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Ditch the dirty work with Handybook
Not how you should be spending summer Fridays.

Remember when your summer vacation lasted three months, not three days? Ahhh, youth...

Truth is, in Grown-up Land free time is in short supply--and spending any part of it at home scrubbing shower grout is a total buzzkill. (Especially when it?s so darn lovely outside.)

Let Handybook take housework out of the equation.

The service makes scheduling a house cleaning easier than ever with its convenient online booking system. Head to the website and plug in your zip code, home specs and desired date and time. You will get an instant price quote and can then confirm your appointment and prepay through the site (tip, tax and supplies included). At your scheduled time, a friendly, fully insured and vetted maid will arrive to whip your pad into shape. Simple, right?

If you need more incentive, Handybook offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee, and for a limited time only, all new users will pay only $19 for their first two-hour session. (See here for details.)

So ditch the rubber gloves, book an appointment and get your beach-lovin? self to the nearest body of water, pronto.

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