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How to cure a painful sunburn
Hot dogs or sunburned legs?

Despite all the warnings, you?ve gone ahead and got yourself a pretty gnarly sunburn. But before we slap your wrist, here?s some advice to help ease the pain:

Start with a cooldown Following a burn, your skin is inflamed. An easy way to reduce the swelling is to lay a cold compress over the affected area for 20 minutes. Try a wet cloth or a bag of frozen veggies wrapped in a paper towel.

Steer clear of soap It?s hard not to reach for the suds once you?re actually in the shower, but soap can severely dry out your skin. Instead, draw a bath and add ½ cup baking soda, which also helps with the inevitable itch.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Most generic aloe products contain alcohol as their first ingredient. Instead, look for a more natural product, like Nu Skin Enhancer Skin Conditioning Gel ($13), which has an aloe-like cooling sensation but contains plenty of nourishing vitamins.

Visit the farmers market In addition to drinking water, load up on fruits with high H2O content. Think watermelon, honeydew, beets and cantaloupe.

Don?t make the same mistake twice Here?s a link to our favorite sunscreen. Wear it.

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