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Record the proper pronunciation of your name
Do YOU know how to pronounce her name?

Imagine your name is Vasiliki Sotiropoulos. Or Aoife Caomhánach. Or, heck, even Idina Menzel. You’re proud of your ethnic moniker and wouldn’t change it for the world. The only problem: Nobody knows how to pronounce it.

Namez is here to help.

This free website and app enables you to record yourself saying your own name (EE-feh Ka-va-na), then creates an instant link to said recording. You can post or imbed this link anywhere you’d like--say, in your résumé or at the bottom of your email signature--or just passive-aggressively send it to your idiot father-in-law who always forgets that the S in Isla is silent.

You can also use Namez for clarifying the phonetics of companies (Givenchy! Fage!), cities, menu items and the like.

The end result? John Travolta might not botch your intro at the Academy Awards.

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