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How To Refuel Your Workout
There's life beyond green juice, folks.

Fact: You have as many hours in the day as [insert favorite celebrity].

Reality: You don’t have a personal trainer, chef or life coach at your disposal for all 24 of those hours like said celebrity.

So what’s a gal to do?

Well, for starters, stop comparing yourself to a multi-millionaire. Second, change your exercise perspective with the help of PureWow and Silk Soymilk.

These days, working out no longer means slogging away on the StairMaster and refueling exclusively with green juice. Instead, it’s all about the little updates--workout hacks, if you will--that transform a mundane task into something you’re actually energized about.

It can be as simple as replacing a run in the park for a jump rope session or swapping that sugar-rich protein bar for a filling smoothie (hint: Silk Soymilk is a good source of plant protein). Read on for the full list of tips to refresh your workout regimen and eliminate any excuses from your vocab.

Your new mantra: You have as many hours in the day as everyone else--and you’re doing just fine.

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