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Test-drive Nike?s new Pro Bra Collection
Now if only the bra made us look like that...

Let?s talk about ?the girls? for a minute.

Specifically, why are you all about proper support during office hours, yet squeezing into a ratty sports bra (from when you were, er, 19) every time you hit the gym?

Not to sound like your mother, but that?s gotta go. In its place: the new Nike Pro Bra Collection.

Because generic sports bras don?t always help with pain (or the dreaded sag), Nike has developed a system that ensures these things actually fit, by relying on real measurements as opposed to just small, medium and large.

To find your recommended bra, head to the site and answer a few simple questions about the type of workouts you prefer and your regular bra size (Nike carries 30B to 38E). You also have the option to discover your exact measurements using Nike?s fit calculator and size converter.

While we cheated a bit and tried on all four of the bra styles, we found Nike?s suggestions to be pretty spot-on (the 34B fits like a 34B).

As for the bras themselves, the Nike Pro Rival ($65) is top-notch when it comes to support and compression padding, and we felt totally secure in the classic Nike Pro Fierce ($50)--no sagging up in here.

There?s even a bra for ladies who don?t really need one. (Hint, hint: You actually kind of do.)

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