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The app that pairs you with a personal nutritionist
Psst. Can I eat this?

We’ve tried enough fad diets to know that what works best for us isn’t gimmicky prescriptives (Cabbage soup with lemon! Nothing but red meat!)--it’s basic accountability. When we’re reporting our eating habits to somebody else, we tend to make healthier choices.

But having a personal dietitian on hand can get really pricey, really fast.

That’s why we love Rise, a new app that--for a mere $15 a week--virtually pairs you with a nutritionist who checks in with you every day to give positive reinforcement and pointed eating suggestions.

Here’s how it works: snap a photo of everything you eat and enter a short description like “Tuna salad on rye, light on the mayo.” Your coach will then get back to you within a few hours to share her thoughts. So she might suggest swapping in wheat bread next time, or she might remind you to eat some fruit later.

As you’d expect, the mere fact of showing your meals to someone makes you eat better, but we also love how much guidance the nutritionists give. They can help you devise a daily diet plan and will even navigate restaurant menus with you before you dine out.

As for that occasional Snickers bar? They’re surprisingly non-judgey.

The first 100 people to enter the code RISEPW63 at checkout will get 25 percent off the first payment of any plan.

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