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If you've ever pulled out a favorite sweater only to discover it was a tiny moth's favorite, too, don't fret: You no longer have to throw it out or search for the nearest Salvation Army.

With these clever Cashmends concealers from cashmere outfitter Stella Neptune, you can rehabilitate virtually any moth-eaten frock. These adorable appliqués ($10 to $12) are perfect for hiding holes or stains in evilly ravaged (or just overly loved) sweaters, dresses and scarves.

Each patch is made of high-quality reclaimed cashmere, so you can get back a bit of what you lost--or reinvent what you already have. We added the Early Autumn decal ($12) to an unharmed old sweater and ended up with a new, one-of-a-kind creation.

And because the last thing we want is more holes, we love that you don't have to break out a needle and thread to make these patches stick. A few simple passes of the iron are all it takes to reclaim a nibbled-on knit.

With cute designs like Band-Aids, blossoms--and yes, even moths--you may find yourself waiting for that little guy to emerge from his cocoon.

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