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Master the cat eye with Benefit?s new eyeliner
Easy. Breezy. Bombshell.

As discerning women, we like to think we’re pretty good at spotting beauty gimmicks. (The blow-dryer that’s also a curling iron that’s also a hair crimper? Ha, pass.)

So when we heard about Benefit’s They’re Real! Push-Up Liner--which the company swears creates a cat eye better than anything else on the market--well, we were ready to call their bluff.

That is, until we got ahold of it.

Instead of forming the coveted wing shape with a thin felt tip and slippery liquid liner (raccoon eyes, eek), They’re Real! uses a creamier gel-based formula and a slanted rubber applicator that hugs your lashes for a truly natural-looking line.

To use, twist the base of the pen to push up the liner. (Note: You may need to twist a few times--ten or so--before the initial use.) Once you can see the gel in the tip, glide the pen along your lash line from the inner to outer corner. It takes a few attempts to nail the technique (we learned you need to wipe off the pen between each stroke), but the liner is waterproof and dries super fast, so you’ll never worry about smudging.

Our advice? Apply slowwwwly and save the corner flick for last.

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