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Keep tabs on your propane tank with Refuel
Burgers all around.

The annual summer bummer: You buy your steaks, perfect your marinade, fire up your grill and out of propane.


Now there?s a new way to keep tabs on your propane usage, and we have to say it?s kind of brilliant.

The Quirky Refuel ($50) is a sleek dinner-plate-sized scale that sits underneath your propane tank and measures how much liquid is inside. It communicates via a little magnet, which you place on the grill itself. You can tap the magnet anytime to get an LED reading of the current propane level or just to see if you?ve got enough gas to get cooking. (A flashing green light means go for it.)

But here?s the really cool part: Refuel also connects with a corresponding app (provided your grill is within Wi-Fi range) that allows you to manage your propane usage from literally anywhere. Just tap the app and get an instant reading--or ask for push notifications when the propane level is running low.

In other words, if you?re at Lowe?s and can?t remember if you should pick up a new tank or not, you can check your phone to see how the tank at home is doing.

Hey, they don?t call you the grill master for nothing.

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