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You stay up late reading (and by “reading,” we mean watching Veep). You wake up feeling groggy, rely on caffeine to get you through the day...and then stay up late all over again.

It’s a vicious cycle, and you really gotta break it.

Luckily for your sluggish self, we’ve teamed up with Silk to compile a list of the ten easiest energy boosters, no matter what time of day you tend to crash.

Not a morning person? Get a genius alarm clock that makes it virtually impossible to hit snooze. Have a habit of skipping your evening workout? Try switching things up with a rowing class instead of settling for the boring elliptical.

Another great tip: Use Silk Soymilk, which is loaded with plant protein. Add it to your bowl of breakfast cereal or sneak it into an afternoon smoothie. (It totally trumps that 3 p.m. coffee.)

Now, about that late-night TV addiction--it might be time to hide the remote.

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