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The cocktail ring that pings you from your phone
This bling means business.

Business dinners. PTA meetings. The movies. Not exactly times when it’s couth to keep your phone out.

But what if your finger knew when someone important was trying to call?

Ringly is a new line of jewelry that connects to your iPhone or Android via Bluetooth. It will buzz ever so slightly when you receive texts, calls, emails, calendar reminders or app notifications. Using the corresponding app, you can customize the ring’s vibration patterns. Select which alerts you want to receive and which pulse should match up with each. Say, one for texts, two for calls, three for when you need to head to the next meeting. You can even set it to ping you only when certain people call (e.g., the babysitter).

As for how it looks, this is no Google Glass situation--these rings are chic. Think a rectangular-cut, semiprecious or precious stone (black onyx, pink sapphire, rainbow moonstone or emerald) set in 18-karat-gold plating with a matte finish. At the end of the night, simply charge it in its own box.

Ringly is currently in preorder (for early 2015 delivery), and the company is knocking 25 percent off the price ($145 rather than the eventual $195).

Not being the jerk with a phone while still being reachable? See, you can have it all.

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