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The beauty tool that remedies poor lighting
Shed some light on the matter.

In the grand scheme of life, not having enough light to do your makeup isn?t, like, a major crisis.

But it is annoying. And it can lead to mistakes like accidentally applying green mascara or drawing your eyebrows like this.

Enter Beauty Beam ($10), an eraser-sized light on a stretchy silicone band that slips onto brushes, pencils and things of similar shape and directs a concentrated glow at the area you?re working on.

Because Beauty Beam was designed by professional makeup artists to simulate natural sunlight, it gives you a pretty honest sense of what you?re doing. And even if you do have a bright overhead bulb on in the room, it won?t cast shadows or glare.

We went into an obnoxiously dark restaurant bathroom and tested the Beauty Beam with tweezers, concealer, eyeliner and lip liner and were pretty impressed. Though it didn?t always feel entirely necessary (we probably could have managed the eyeliner on our own), we found it extremely handy for any application that required color balance or blending.

In short: We?ll definitely keep this tool in our arsenal for all those dim airport bathrooms and poorly lit hotels.

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